What I Do

SingingSing Hymns with the elderly

Because I love singing and praising my Lord, I volunteer with a group that does 'hymnsing' at various nursing homes.

BloggingMaintain a blog and forum

Because I used to do street ministry and now feel the need to work from my home, I blog and do devotionals for my churches bulletins.

MarketingOnline Marketing

To earn extra income for my hobbies, I have website article blogs that have associated ads to earn provided someone buys.

HostingDomains and Hosting

To host the article blogs, I found it more economical to become a web hosting and domain name reseller than pay some provider to do what I do.

My Sites


About me

Picture for Passport 2010Finally a posed picture that I had taken but never used

Drivers Licence Pix 2006Being camera shy, I don't have pictures of myself except action sports.

Our Baptism 1995My wife and I are ready to get water baptized on August 30th.

Canada Day party July 1st 1992
Partying with work colleagues!
Nice hair, but what you don't see is my guitar and a bottle of beer.

Celebrating at Fastball Tournament, 1988 Partying with my team!
What a series, I had to pitch 17 innings in 4 7 inning games.

Joined the RCAF @ 17Picture from my group photo on first day of Basic Electronics Training

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