A Public Apology

For those people that have followed me and read my blog and those that commented on my forum…I apologize for losing your input as I lost all my databases because the webhosting company I was not only a client of, but was also a reseller, went belly up with out notifying me or any other client, shut everything down and disappeared.

I will not be able to recreate the forum with all the comments but I will start by duplicating my posts and comments from members I was able to contact for permission to enter theirs manually and I hope the loyal and new members will again join in with questions and comments. Over a period of 10 years there were over 5800 members.

This will be a new format where I will not have comments on my blog but require a membership to my forum for responses, questions or general comments.

I am now on a lifetime hosting service but I am a reseller of impwebhosting.net and impwebhosting.com.

Thank you for your understanding and God bless your learning and as Solomon said in Proverbs 4:7 “in all your getting, get understanding.”

Ed the administrator aka hymnsinger. Read more HERE


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