In the Beginning

I already have a Genesis account on my Creation vs Evolution blog but I have to start somewhere.

Everything has to have a beginning and I guess that is why the most asked question about YAHWEH God is ‘how and when did He first exist or who created Him?’

He would not be God if He required a beginning and an end. He is in a realm that has no time and He has always existed. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Aleph and the Tav, The First and the Last, the Beginning and the End!

Before we can even consider the evolutionary theory we have to imagine that the big bang had to start with something that has previously existed. So, if what, then when? Maybe God did it that way or something so close or similar (Like…let there be light) that science has a faint glimmer of the truth. Then, I say, why not get the full story and the creation facts directly from the Creator who inspired the written word contained in the pages of the Bible?

First, we know that Colossians 1:16 says in part. “For by Him all things were created that are…visible and invisible…” and we know that all things are made up of atoms which are invisible to the naked eye and they make up the visible.

So the Creator, first created atoms, the invisible, then He went about creating the earth and the heavens making up the visible and the invisible elements of the universe. In the same verse, Colossians also alludes to the fact that the angels (thrones or dominions or principalities or powers) which are invisible were also created from the invisible and remain invisible, unless permitted by YAHWEH. What more need be said?

There could be a time gap when God created the angels, because we know that they were created before mankind but after the creation of the heaven(s) and the earth or else the first line would be a mistake and should read ‘in the beginning God created the angels, then…’ We also know that when Satan as Lucifer wanted to ascend to the throne and consequently was tossed out of heaven that he ended up on earth and was in the garden, east of Eden, when Adam and Eve still lived there.

This is the way I see the earth in the beginning…The earth was stationary but caused to rotate on the first day with the moon opposite the sun so it was only visible at night as a full moon. With the rotation, we now have evening and morning. On day 4 God caused the earth and it’s moon to now orbit the sun. He also now ignited most of the stars so they were visible in the heavens. Now we still don’t have seasons, only days and years. During the time of the flood the earth was rocking and a reeling while the earths crust broke up and the fountains that watered the earth spewed water up to the firmament that was also broken and caused rain to fall for 40 days and nights. The earths axis was subsequently tilted about 23° off true north and now we have seasons as the north is closer to to the sun in summer and further away in the winter months.

There are 5 significant events recorded in the beginning of Genesis.

First the creation of the universe which includes the stars and the earth. I believe that ALL the stars including the sun with planets including their satellites were created at this time but were not ignited.

Second, the creation of life forms including mankind as in Genesis chapter 1 & 2.

Third, the fall of mankind and being expelled from the Garden of life as in Genesis chapter 3.

Fourth, the flood or the deluge that wiped out most of the life forms, broke up the earths crust and removed the firmament.

Fifth, the separation of mankind into races and and location.

There are 2 major events recorded here in Genesis chapter 3 and 10 that would change mankind from the creation with curses. They would never again be the same as the first Adam.

First, the sin and fall in Genesis 3 causing God to curse the woman and had to perpetuate the curse by fusing the second chromosome. She would now give birth in pain and ovulate once every month even though the life span was about 1000 years(Genesis 3:16) The fusing of chromosome 2, as noted by proven science, would ensure that the curse would be hereditary and need not be repeated every generation.

Secondly, the tower of Babel was built and God needed to disperse mankind. So He first changed their languages and their appearance so they would group into nations by color, appearance and languages and go separately to different areas of the earth and then, because the earths crust was broken up into plates during the flood, He further separated them into continents by continental drift or plate tectonics all in 239 years. (Genesis 7:11,12; 10:25; 11:1-9,18,19; 1 Chronicles 1:19)

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