What I Do

SingingSing Hymns with the elderly

Because I love singing and praising my Lord, I volunteer with a group that does 'hymnsing' at various nursing homes.

BloggingMaintain a blog and forum

Because I used to do street ministry and now feel the need to work from my home, I blog and do devotionals for my churches bulletins.

MarketingOnline Marketing

To earn extra income for my hobbies, I have website article blogs that have associated ads to earn provided someone buys.

HostingDomains and Hosting

To host the article blogs, I found it more economical to become a web hosting and domain name reseller than pay some provider to do what I do.

My Sites


About me


Picture for Passport 2010Finally a posed picture that I had taken but never used


Drivers Licence Pix 2006Being camera shy, I don't have pictures of myself except action sports.


Our Baptism 1995My wife and I are ready to get water baptized on August 30th.

canada day

Canada Day party July 1st 1992
Partying with work colleagues!
Nice hair, but what you don't see is my guitar and a bottle of beer.


Celebrating at Fastball Tournament, 1988 Partying with my team!
What a series, I had to pitch 17 innings in four 7 inning games.


Joined the RCAF @ 17Picture from my group photo on first day of Basic Electronics Training

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